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I really enjoy Mark Rosendorf’s writings. His imagination is one of the most fertile grounds I have ever stumbled upon. It is a good job that he is only an author and not a despot determined to take over the world, because I think the world would be faced with quite the adversary!
Simon Barrett, Blog Talk Radio

This was an enthralling thriller that kept me engaged until the very end. Rosendorf is masterful in his ability to lead the reader through twists and turns that end in surprising outcomes.
Pat – Booksake Reviews

My concern for Clara is that she's entering a world that she'll never get out of and this world only feeds her violent side. With no family to reign you back in you go astray. You root for her but you also cringe because you know that this just can't end well for her. This is a sequel that doesn’t disappoint.
Julie Caldwell – Girls Just Reading



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