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Sunday 02/18/2018 01:37:43 MST
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27 sherry phillips

Saturday 05/09/2009 02:29:10 MDT
love the reviews definitely caught my intrest. can't wait till i purchase it and read it .sounds like it is a very good book. i will definitely let you know my opinion.thanks so much.

sherry phillips =P~ p.s. you are a very handsome man. :'] =P~ :P) **)
26 Haley

Saturday 05/02/2009 20:45:38 MDT

haven't read the book yet, but sounds intriguing.
25 Mike Bilodeau

Wednesday 04/08/2009 16:22:38 MDT
Just got the book and the first few chapters are interesting. Good job Mark and good luck!
24 Crystal

Wednesday 03/25/2009 20:57:53 MDT
The books sounds good! Great work! I'll have to go get it and check it out. I'll let others know about it. Good luck!!
23 Micah Morris(pool buddy)

Sunday 03/22/2009 20:33:17 MDT
really think your gonna get some where, gonna look into buying it :-D
22 Diana Driver

Sunday 02/22/2009 09:06:59 MST
Cool website!!! Very well done!!

21 Robin Jacobson

Friday 02/20/2009 18:59:32 MST
Looking forward to reading the book. Lots of luck. Robin Jacobson
20 Bonnie Sarnoff

Friday 02/20/2009 18:53:41 MST
Wishes of success and best wishes.

19 Cheryl Masto

Friday 01/30/2009 17:13:17 MST
:-) B-) :-D

Mark, The book signing was great. You were very self assured and proud, as you should be. I couldn't believe how great the band was. It was a wonderful experience.
18 Sandy

Sunday 01/18/2009 19:37:05 MST
Congratulations! Looking forward to the book signing event on the 29th. From one of your neighbors.
17 Federico

Sunday 01/04/2009 22:54:49 MST
Just finished reading Molly's review. Sounded good to me. She sure didn't fall asleep on it. l-|
16 chuck L.

Sunday 12/21/2008 08:43:13 MST
i am very impressed with this whole setup. wishing you hatzlochoh on the first of many creative endeavors.
15 Virginia

Friday 12/19/2008 22:58:56 MST
Congratulations Little Bro! You are and always will be an entertainer and an inspiration. I am eager to escape into my happy place with your book in hand. The cover is enticing. Your web page is attractive to the eye, crisp with color and portrays it's own suspense and intrigue. I know the launch will be a success. way to go Mark! I am proud of you! I am celebrating with you in spirit!

Your friend and "Sis" from afar, but close at heart. "Squeeze"

14 Federico Fraguada

Thursday 12/18/2008 12:24:43 MST
:mad: So you're a published writer now. It's going to be a hit! Can't wait till the signing.
13 garbalu46

Tuesday 12/09/2008 06:50:45 MST
Go gettem Mark. Best of luck
12 Brian S.

Tuesday 12/09/2008 05:35:27 MST
Great website, shows hard work and creativity. Can,t wait to read the book. Congrats
11 Lana

Saturday 12/06/2008 20:15:07 MST
Kudos Couz for living your dream and all your hard work, cant wait to give it a read. For a man of few words you sure had a lot to say. Looking forward to your sophmore release. Best of Luck and Congratulations. b(^) :lol:
10 Rob

Friday 12/05/2008 20:55:37 MST
Congrats! It's a well-written book I had trouble putting down. Looking forward to the sequel...and that book signing! 8-D
9 Jesus Blas 811k

Monday 12/01/2008 10:04:23 MST
This is real cool. Congratulations. Cant wait to get the book. Next stop Oprah.
8 sol mesholam

Monday 12/01/2008 05:55:25 MST
A good read.